Imagine sitting in a high school gym just watching a game, and the 13 year-old in front of you turns around and says “Who are you??? What are you here for???” How would you answer? Well, I answered with 10 years of thought, a plethora of experiences, and a call to tell his story as part of my own.

My first book, Sportuality: Finding Joy in the Games, was an examination of the words that we use in sport, and how we might redefine those words toward great meaning, purpose, and joy in sport and generally in our lives. Since I was sitting in a gym when Max asked me those questions, and since Max’s ambition is to be an iconic sports personality, Max came to be an epitome of Sportuality. Thus “Maxability: Who Are You, and What Are You Here For?” was conceived.

Maxability is rich with stories. It is a young man’s journey into adulthood while learning to live with diagnosed “disabilities.” It is a story of adoption, family love, faith, and reaching beyond our comfort zone. Maxability is about seeing possibilities and abilities within ourselves as we become legends and saints.

The stories include Russian connections on the personal level, which contrast connection on the political level so much in the news right now. I cannot imagine my life without Max, and without the window of possibilities he opened on that fateful day in the bleachers. Until Maxability comes out, I will give you the questions, and encourage you to consider how you would answer them:

Who are you? And what are you here for?