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A Sportual Detroit

Lately, the City of Detroit has been making headlines, and not really for the best of reasons. Being a native daughter of

A Sportual Detroit2017-03-15T17:00:00+00:00

Sportuality and the Pope

“This afternoon, the Church has elected a new Pope” Change happens. There are first times for everything, and speaking sportually, this papacy

Sportuality and the Pope2017-03-15T17:00:39+00:00

The Next Big Thing: A meme for writers

Thank you to author, poet, creative photographer, naturalist, publicist and dear friend Zinta Aistars for tagging me in this Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing: A meme for writers2017-03-15T17:01:15+00:00

Past the Illusions

Several years ago, my volleyball team competed in a tournament with three other teams. One of the teams represented a Christian school

Past the Illusions2017-03-15T17:33:20+00:00

Real Sportual Truths

“…To tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” Who should tell the truth, and why? And really, what

Real Sportual Truths2017-03-15T17:33:54+00:00

A Sportual Response to Violence

When I began writing Sportuality: Finding Joy in the Games, it was with a sense of urgency for the culture of this

A Sportual Response to Violence2017-03-15T17:34:31+00:00

Sportual Olympic Games

In Sportuality: Finding Joy in the Games, p.88, I wrote, “The Olympic Games are an impressive community, too, events through which people

Sportual Olympic Games2017-03-15T17:35:11+00:00

Sportual Sweeps

Through an interesting scheduling turn of events – more like lucky – I was able to experience professional baseball in two different

Sportual Sweeps2017-03-15T17:35:35+00:00

I’ll Have One More…

Since I wrote about the Kentucky Derby in my last post, the upstart “I’ll Have Another” has taken the horse racing world

I’ll Have One More…2017-03-15T17:35:58+00:00