DetroitI’m looking at photos of my friends on facebook celebrating what has become a holiday among baseball faithful: Opening Day in the “D” – Detroit, that is. As a Tiger fan, I’ve weathered the mighty winter with this day in mind, and go figure…it’s sunny and nice for the first day in what seems like an eternity! One post exclaimed that “Mother Nature” is a Tiger fan! Sportuality is especially prominent today as we feel these connections to something deep within our hearts and souls. It’s a holy day when the baseball community enthusiastically gathers in the sanctuary, cheering on a holy competition, communicating in thought, word, and deed, toward a victory greater than any one of us; when we once again breathe life into the new season.

Recall the Sportual meanings of these words:

  • Holy: to be whole, to be one, to be healed
  • Community: To have charge of together
  • Enthusiastic: To know our God –Within
  • Sanctuary: One’s holy place
  • Competition: To work with
  • Communication: To make common
  • Victory: To persevere
  • Spirit: To breathe

Sport is real and alive in our culture. Sport shapes and grows our collective soul, and by consciously connecting with this inaugural moment of baseball, we can practice finding the joy in all the games we play. Play Ball!


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