In Sportuality: Finding Joy in the Games, p.88, I wrote, “The Olympic Games are an impressive community, too, events through which people of the world, acting in accord with global ideals, come together through sport, playing games overseen by an impartial international contingent.”
Impressive community, indeed. As defined by Sportuality, the word ‘community’ ultimately means ‘to have charge of together.’ So the Olympic community has charge of global sport, something much greater than any individual, or any individual country. From the opening ceremonies to the final medal tally, athletes from around the globe gather in the name of international competition, again, as defined in Sportuality, ‘to work with.’ To work with…toward something much greater than ourselves… toward the highest ideals available to humanity…to grow and evolve…together.
All competition in the coming two weeks will result in stories that capture hearts and souls around the world, stories that evoke emotion, and stories that inspire us to the greater ideals of oneness and global connection. These are truly sportual stories. These are stories that people who usually don’t even watch sports will follow; people will lose sleep or miss work to see certain competitions. And sometimes the trip to experience the Olympics is a pilgrimage, a trip of a lifetime. This is a global event.
The Olympics will be tweeted, blogged, video recorded, analyzed, reported, and discussed at length. Then after all the media, we’re still hanging on to the moments of victory, defeat, perseverance, and triumph in our hearts, and we can’t get enough. Ultimately, the Olympics is a Global Spiritual Event, connecting ages, races, genders and religions around the great human construction of competing with one another to make us all more whole, more healed and more holy.
So let the torch be lit!!! Our world is hungry for the spirit of true competition, and for the community we will celebrate.

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