Sportual Stories – Boston Strong

When flying, I usually prefer a window seat. Seeing the 10, 20, or 30,000 view of earth gives a new perspective that just doesn’t happen regularly when attached to gravity. If flying isn’t an option, Google Earth helps me elevate beyond my everyday thought patterns to some place greater where it begins to look like we’re all connected. I can only imagine what those first astronauts felt as they caught their first glimpse of that big blue ball. The implications of life on Earth after having such an experience are enormous. Space pioneers began to construct a new paradigm of unity and oneness following their splashdown as they became painfully aware of the sense of separation they had previously understood from our dualistic Western culture.

Most of us will never have the privilege of orbiting, or seeing the Earth from beyond 30,000 feet. But I can still find a Sportual message out the window of my flight. As airplanes rise high above our communities and states, Sportual Sanctuaries define the landscape. Baseball and softball fields, football fields, tracks, golf courses, pools, and large indoor arenas remind us that people live and play just below. One particular magical flight during the summer of 2006 put me directly over Comerica Park during one of the Tigers’ night games as they were challenging for the American League Pennant. The game lit up the night sky, and I swear I saw Magglio Ordonez hit one out! Recall that Sportuality defines the sanctuary to be a “holy place” where one feels whole, healed, a sense of oneness, and at peace.

Peaceful is the opposite of what the Boston Sanctuary was on the third Monday of April in 2013. The streets of Boston that had hosted the annual marathon since 1897 became a war zone after the bombs took life and limb from those gathered at the finish line. The terrorist act intending to kill actually unveiled a spirit so strong it has become a national phenomenon in “Boston Strong” and the stories of inspiration circulating throughout all media. Participants and spectators are determined this year to guarantee that terror doesn’t win, but that human spirit wins. Community wins when everyone feels connected to the common goal. Enthusiasm wins when the “God-Within” informs our actions.  Sportuality asks us to rise above the pull of gravity to the 30,000 foot view, where we see that we are all connected, we are all one, and we are all whole, holy, and healed. May all who participate in any way at the Boston Marathon on Monday feel the joy of such Sportual victories.


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