Sportuality visited DePaul

Sportuality visited DePaul on February 26th

The title of my course is simply “Sports Management”, a very broad subject. We have had an excellent winter quarter, learning about why companies spend almost $4 million to advertise on the Super Bowl, analyzing the marketing and management structures of the Chicago Bears and Blackhawks, seeing how Red Frog Events, a start up company with an idea called Warrior Dash grew from five employees three years ago to over 100 today. We learned about DI College Athletics and Title IX attending a DePaul Women’s Basketball game.

However, it was the seventh week of class on a snowy Tuesday night when we learned that Sportuality is what makes all of this possible, and what makes sports unique as both an activity and a business. Jeanne’s lecture to both Dr. Posig’s “Leadership in Sports” and my “Sports Management” classes was focused on Competition, Community and Education. More than a lecture, Jeanne did a superb job of leading a discussion with themes of “We all make each other better through competition”, “Passion vs. Anger”, and “The coach knows something” that encouraged the students to pause and think about sports in a different way. And just as importantly, reflect about their values and motivations in a new light and get them to think, ahah…Sportuality, I get it.

The students left class that night with an understanding that the feeling of “being in the gym” is where sports begins. It is what fuels competition and what drives people to have a deeply emotional connection to sports whether as a participant or a fan that is different from almost any other experience in life.


Andy Clark